Development status of wire crafts

2019-06-05 3218

Nowadays bathhouse articles have become more and more important in our daily life. Of course, the most valued wire crafts nowadays can not escape attention. Traditional iron wire crafts are basically made of iron as the main raw material and then coated with an antioxidant metal on the surface. With the improvement of people's quality of life, many of the current iron wire crafts have adopted stainless steel.

Traditional iron wire crafts can not afford to be inspected at any time. Once the time is long, the antioxidant layer on the surface will fall off, so they can not get antioxidant effect, and eventually can not escape the fate of rust. Following the people's quest, the wire crafts also use stainless steel materials in terms of materials. The wire crafts made of stainless steel are used, and some of them will be electroplated with a layer of metal on their surface. But this layer of metal is not only antioxidant, but also will advance the brightness of the product surface, making the product more dazzling.

Whether abroad or at home, wire crafts are very popular. In foreign countries, most of the wire crafts are furnished, and a magazine rack or paper towel rack made of wire crafts is placed in the bathroom. In China, most of them are used for bathroom hanging decorations, towels or wire crafts hanging basket to place some bath supplies. So wire crafts are also promising in China's stores. In China, the public pays more attention to economic use and price, while well-off families pay more attention to both economic use and appearance. As for the price, it is measured by the usefulness of goods, which is very similar to the concept of foreigners about buying bathroom supplies.

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