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  • VOF Volume Of Fluid

    hi guys. i'm trying to use volume of fluid method to simulate two phase flow drainage in fluent at micro scale. however, the courant number is so unstable and the simulation diverges after a few iterations. However, the free suraface model in CFX is more stable and keeps running. But, for the better accuracy I need to use fluent. Doesn anyone have a clue how I can resolve this issue?

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    Hello, we need to know more details about your case. What are the flow properties and Reynolds number of your simulation? But, in general CFX uses a comparatively simple yet less accurate model to capture the phase interface compared to Fluent. So, the reason that you have a more stable simulation can be related to that and that the numerical diffusion is so high. Another reason can be the type of mesh you are using. Are you using tetrahedral mesh? Based on experience hexahedral meshes are more stable and accurate when it comes to volume of fluid.