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Fatigue Strength of Materials, where to find?!

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  • Fatigue Strength of Materials, where to find?!

    Hi, I'm working on a project and I'm trying to find the fatigue strength of some materials. As a rule of thumb, I've used half of the yield strength to be conservative but I like to be more accurate.
    For example, the fatigue strength of PCBs and Aluminum alloys I'm interested. Is there a database that I can refer to get these numbers? Thank you.

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    Hi Marc, some of these information are very specific to your particular design. For example the PCBs, you'll need some information for the copper content since they affect the strength of the board. But for simple analysis you can use FR4 properties.
    For Aluminum and other metals and actually for a lot of other materials, the fatigue strength or the endurance limits can be found in handbooks. They are not cheap but you might be able to find some portions online. is also a great place to search for these properties, just check the resources.
    A great handbook is Metals Handbook by ASM.

    I hope this helps.