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Requirements for Thermal Engineer positions in Electronic Industry.

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  • Requirements for Thermal Engineer positions in Electronic Industry.

    Hi all,

    Can someone help me with the requirements for a thermal engineer in electronic industry? I really like electronics cooling and its challenges.
    I have a Master's in Mechanical Engineering and would love to get a job in electronic thermal management field. Thank you!

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    First thing is that you need to have proper education background and know the science of heat transfer. Knowing the basics of electronics will really help you when simulating or making decisions.
    You should learn one or two softwares, I like ANSYS Icepak and Mentorgraphic's FLOTHERM the most. These two are the most common packages.

    If you learn Icepak, you should learn ANSYS Workbench and Spaceclaim as well. There are several tutorials that you can use to practice. Keep yourself updated with the state of the art and new cooling methods like Heatpipes, TECs etc.

    Also, having experimental background can also help a lot since a good portion of a thermal engineers job may be verification of the simulation results with experimental data to make sure the simulation model is close enough to reality.

    Please let me know if you have more questions.
    Best of luck


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      Thanks for the response Mohammad.


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        You can leave a short introduction about yourself in the "Job seeker"'s forum for people who are hiring!

        Good luck